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1. View of National Museum of the Native Indian.
2 - 3. Inside the National Museum of the Native indian.
4. Lili taking a quick nap in the National Museum of Modern Art.
5. Palazzo da Mula, Venice, Monet.
6. The Dead Toreador, Manet.
7. Farmhouse In Provence, Van Gogh.
8. Detail of Farmhouse.
9. Haystacks In Brittany, Gauguin.
10. Girl In A Red Hat, Vermeer.
11. Sammy reacting to sculpture.
12. Girls goofing off.
13. Georgetown, where I used to live while going to the Corcoran School of Art (top floor in the white house.)
14. Shopping at Target with baby Vivienne.
15. Luncheon of the Boating Party, Renoir, at The Phillips Collection.
16. Lili and Vivienne.

Christmas 2007