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1. Lili telling me what she wants for Christmas.
2. Lili deciding what she wants at American Girl Place, NYC.
3. Cherry and the girls with their purchases.
4. The kreutzer family in front of the big tree, Times Square.
5. The kids throwing pennies into the biggest penny pond in the world, Times Square.
6. The girls looking at a Christmas window on Fifth Avenue.
7. Cherry, me, and Richie on top of the NBC building.
8. The girls sitting among the gifts Santa brought them Christmas morning, Silver Spring, MD.
9. Aftermath of Christmas morning.
10 - 12. Garden of Lights, a really cool concept, an entire garden running along several acres of hillside lighted up for the holidays.
13. Olivia enjoying a hot chocolate.
14. New Years Eve dinner (an amazing three course meal) at the house of one of my sister's friends.
15. Lili with her doll, Lili.
16. Vivienne.
17. Sammy (Orangasammy)
18. Philip, the oldest.
19. 23. Some of my favorite artwork from the Smithsonian Galleries.
24. Richie, Cherry in front of a huge and ugly painting in the Museum of American Art.

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